Over Easy: Kalimotxo, pg. 28

Over Easy: Kalimotxo, pg. 28

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It's probably not at all surprising that I love this cocktail- my friends like to remind me that I have a fondness for unconventional combinations (cold brew coffee + lemonade is my jam). The Kalimotxo features equal parts red wine and cola and is said to be made popular by the Basque region of Spain. Joy's recipe nods to a common variation where you also add a healthy squeeze of lime juice. Most people would agree that using a basic red table wine is best. (Level up your $3 Trader Joe's red during your next paella night!) I know it sounds bizarre but trust me, and most of all trust Joy. It's surprisingly different and delicious.

I first encountered this drink in Mallorca, Spain. One of our last meals on the island consisted of grilled veggies, fresh bread, cured meats and of course, a kalimotxo. This island is beautiful and the food equally delicious. After weeks of dining out, grilling and snacking outside the monastery where we stayed was the perfect end to our adventure.  

Some other variations include:
Tinto de Verano - one part red wine plus one part gaseosa or lemonade
Pallas - one part red wine plus one part cola and a dash of Ouzo
Caliguay - one part white wine plus one part lemon-lime soda
Pitilingorri - one part red wine plus one part lemon-lime soda

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