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Caramelized Onion Strata

There is almost never a moment in my house where I have to ponder what to do with day-old or stale bread. Fresh bread crumbs, croutons to pop on top of a steaming bowl of soup, eggy and sweet French toast, savory bread pudding- the possibilities are endless!

PB&J Wings

Here’s my favorite recipe to really freak out my friends: PB&J wings. In honor of Chrissy’s Spicy Jammy Drummies, (pg. 233) I’ve decided to share these sticky, delicious beauties.

Leftover Stuffing French Onion Soup

As I’m cooking my way through Cravings 2 I’m realizing that so many of Chrissy’s recipes remind me of other dishes that I love and make often. I decided to start sharing some of my own recipes that are inspired by the book-of-the-moment. Today’s recipe is brought to you by Chrissy’s French Onion Soup. Read on for my recipe for French Onion Soup, Thanksgiving leftover style!